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School based tools designed for educators, teachers and schools.  We offer a line of specialized full color poster printers, thermal poster makers, award makers, cutout makers, laminators, binding systems and photo id systems.


VariQuest Poster Maker 3600

A school favorite since 1986, the VariQuest Poster Maker 3600 is designed for a busy school environment.  This no ink / no toner poster maker is defined by its one supply consumable and simple one button operation. Recently added features make the Poster Maker 3600 even more versatile and user friendly.

It's a simple fact - large visuals improve retention, communicate faster and reinforce the spoken word. Posters and banners will help facilitate learning, keep students on track, and deliver messages in high traffic hallways. It's easy to create exciting materials in seconds.  The Poster Maker 3600 allows schools to creatively and visually reinforce curriculum, communicate expectations, encourage cooperative group work and promote a sense of community.

The VariQuest Poster Maker 3600 is unlike any other printer.  It uses no ink or toner, instead utilizing thermal technology to create classroom visuals and banners, using only one supply item.  Paper rolls are available in 4 widths (17", 23", 29" and 36") and in 15 different color combinations.  Choose from pastels to high impact fluorescent colors to have your message seen.


Create a visually stimulating learning environment by enlarging and posting:

  • Graphic organizers
  • Rubrics
  • Grading expectations
  • Test taking strategies
  • Reading and math standards
  • Bilingual posters and ESL charts.
  • School rules
  • Event calendars
  • PTA & school events
  • Student achievements
  • Define and communicate objectives

The VariQuest Poster Maker 3600 is a "spot color" or monochromatic printer.  Output is determined by the color of the paper roll inserted into the machine.  Paper rolls are available in 14 color combinations.


enlarge an 8.5" x 11" document at the touch of a button

Insert document into scanner

Insert document into scanner

Press green start button

Press green start button

Completed poster  in as a little as 60 seconds, no drying time needed.

Completed poster  in as a little as 60 seconds, no drying time needed.


Newly added features on the VariQuest Poster Maker 3600:

  • Supply recognition: display panel now provides the user with length of paper remaining on the roll, along with the color and output size of poster being generated.
  • Automatic cutter: built-in cutter automatically cuts poster upon completion.
  • Multiple copies: create up to 10 copies of a posters at once.
  • Accommodates paper roll widths up to 36" wide
  • USB connection: connect to the Design Center 2300 touch screen or your own PC, and utilize the hundreds of templates provided to you within the VariQuest software.




For a FULL COLOR poster printing system, please refer to the VariQuest Perfecta Plus 2400 option found here:  Perfecta Plus 2400 full color poster printer


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